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Our founder, Jeff Lefkovitz, was so convinced his approach would have a bigger impact on neuro recovery than traditional rehab methods that he reoriented his life and livelihood toward helping people with paralysis. 

After meeting Gary, a quadriplegic suffering from a Spinal Cord Injury, Jeff decided more could be done for individuals suffering from neurological injuries.

neurological rehabilitation wheelchair gym
neurological rehabilitation wheelchair gym


Jeff invented (and patented) an innovative machine that allows trainers to single-handedly get people upright and walking. We call this device the MÁS.

After years of iteration and hundreds of clients helped, it is now ready to be shared with the world. Find out how to procure a MÁS for your facility and get trained.


We opened Abilities Recovery Center (ARC), a 6,000-square-foot facility that is specifically designed for accessibility and adaptive training.

Our main goal has always been to provide opportunity for people to improve their daily life and independence. See what you are capable of and become a member of the ARC family today.

neurological rehabilitation wheelchair gym
neurological rehabilitation wheelchair gym


We invested in high-tech data capture tools to track our clients' progress and continually improve our methods.

These tools unlock the benefits of visualization as clients can now see in real-time which muscles are firing during an exercise, at what intensity and for how long.


We continue to seek out new ways to awaken the nervous system and create new pathways from the brain to the muscles.

That is because we are tireless optimists, thinkers, and healers, united in our fight to help people with paralysis—a movement more than 20 years in the making. Meet the team behind the magic.

neurological rehabilitation wheelchair gym
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